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Embrace the future of volume hiring with AI-driven solutions designed for enterprises and fast-growing organizations. Experience efficiency and growth in your recruitment process like never before.

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How Hunar.AI elevates your recruitment strategy

Consider Hunar.AI your recruitment command center, where all high-volume hiring activities are seamlessly managed

3 step process to automate your
volume hiring operations

#1 Initiation

Start with creating a job query

The initial phase involves crafting a targeted job query to match the seeker's ambitions and skills, setting the stage for a successful job hunt.

#2 Engagement

SkillGPT for talent discovery & WhatsApp marketing

Includes WhatsApp Bot referrals, vendor jobs, social media, field recruitment, and offline marketing.

#3 Selection

WhatsApp chatbot automates recruitment from start to finish

Candidates are engaged through a WhatsApp recruitment chatbot that handles everything from assessments and interview scheduling to walk-in automation, no-show management, document collection, and finally, the joining process.

Who benefits from Hunar.AI?
Which industries can benefit from Hunar.AI?
How can you integrate Hunar with your existing ATS?

Modular flexibility
with Hunar.AI

Hunar.AI offers modular flexibility through its Find.AI, Engage.AI, and Hire.AI components, each designed to function as a standalone module or in conjunction with your current recruitment platforms.

Volume hiring has never been harder and deep technology & automation can help you in streamlining your recruitment operations.

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