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To make a difference in the workforce ecosystem and truly uplift the labour workforce of India.



Hunar brings together two individuals driven by the urge to find solutions to real-world challenges-create a long-term impact on this oft-ignored sector.


On this journey to find a way to uplift the labour workforce of India, we realised that we need to first start with formalising this chaotic, informal segment. Lack of standardisation in jobs and skills, inefficient processes, lack of upskilling programmes, and technological solutions to streamline worker lifecycle resulted in companies and workforce agencies with exorbitant overhead costs, which trickles down to the labour workforce.


To truly empower the labour workforce, we set on a mission to build solutions that can standardise the entire worker lifecycle. Optimising processes, introducing transparency, and cutting overhead costs would allow companies and workforce agencies to join us in making our vision a reality.


As a result, we want to equip organisations with solutions that can help them shift cost savings into wages and more. Solutions to upskill their workforce, provide salary advances, insurance and a plethora of tools and ammunition to enable better financial inclusion and provide access to social benefits.



We at Hunar are building tech-driven solutions for India's next-gen workforce ecosystem so that growth-driven companies can thrive!


With a vision to be a pioneer in workforce management, Hunar is building Workforce Cloud, a suite of standalone applications for managing different aspects of a worker's life cycle, on-roll and contract workers. Workforce Cloud aims to drive visibility across your workforce operations and optimise overhead labour expenditures.


With a passion for empowering the ecosystem (contractors, principal employers and the contingent workforce), we shall continuously strive to drive digitisation, innovate and deliver path-breaking solutions to the ecosystem.

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Our Creative Founders.




Post graduating from IIT-Kanpur in 2008, Krishna started his career in the Investment Banking industry, focusing on capital markets and working with industry giants like Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank. Over the last six years, Krishna built, a sustainable global 200mn USD SaaS business, as one of the company’s founding members and board of directors.




Post his PhD from Carnegie Mellon in Molecular Biology, Shantanu worked at Scripps Research Institute on Computational Antibody Design, among many other things. Over the last six years, Shantanu led Data Science at as the Chief Data Science Officer and helmed the product development.

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