Transform recruitment with AI engagement & automation

Boost candidate engagement and conversion with automated communication: streamline your recruitment process from application to onboarding. Enhance recruiter efficiency by targeting only high-intent, qualified candidates.

See It In Action

Job marketing

Enhance recruitment efficiency by promoting open roles to a vast pool of qualified candidates within your candidate ecosystem.

Sweat your candidate pool

Use Hunar's WhatsApp automation to market open jobs within your digital candidate ecosystem, targeting relevant candidates efficiently using Artificial Intelligence.

AI simplified job details

Transforms job descriptions into clear details and smart FAQs using artificial intelligence, helping candidates easily understand roles and get answers

Application to qualification

Streamline applications through WhatsApp and employ AI-driven chats for more precise recruiter-candidate communication, swiftly evaluating job compatibility.

Create highly qualified talent pool

Build a focused talent pool with AI powered WhatsApp's chatbot, streamlining applications and assessment along with candidates’ preference mapping.

Drive candidate comfort

Personalised job recommendations for candidates with streamlined application process, and insightful responses to queries with AI-driven FAQs.

Qualification to selection

Interview scheduling automation to drive higher walk-ins and selections driving higher recruiter productivity.

Automate Candidate Journey

Streamline the journey from qualification to selection via WhatsApp for scheduling, reminders, rescheduling, no-show follow-ups, and feedback, boosting turnout and productivity.

Enhanced Candidate Lifecycle Visibility

Gain full insight into candidates' lifecycle, offering personalised support to ensure increased conversions at every stage of the funnel.

Selection to joining

Boost selection-to-joining rates with automated engagement in your high-volume hiring processes.

One-Stop Candidate Communication Hub

Offer candidates a unified platform for offer letters, onboarding, document submission, and job FAQs, including compensation and role details.

Instant Onboarding Reduces Drop-offs

Minimise drop-offs with near-instant onboarding through advanced technology and intelligent engagement via WhatsApp, streamlining the candidate experience.

“I can now generate line-ups, get interviews aligned and get selections all on same day using Hunar’s programmatic candidate engagement on WhatsApp”

High Volume Recruiter, India’s leading Fintech company

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