Accelerate hiring with multichannel onboarding & compliance

Boost Onboarding Efficiency: Seamlessly Integrate Compliant Recruitment Across Channels, Enhance Joining Rates, and Gain Full Visibility of Your Workforce.

See It In Action

On-the-spot onboarding

Eliminate high candidate drop-offs post-selection by enhancing your volume recruitment process with Hunar’s efficient, immediate onboarding solution.

Instant onboarding & document collection

Utilise instant onboarding with immediate document collection and technology for auto-extraction and pre-filling of onboarding forms.

Day-One ready workforce

Ensure day-one compliance and payroll readiness with Hunar’s instant candidate verification through deep integrations with background check providers

Multi-channel onboarding

Guarantee transparency and adherence to regulations for all employee types, including full-time, contract, gig workers, and trainees.

Streamline 3rd party workforce onboarding

Facilitate compliant 3rd party workforce onboarding with applications ensuring operational transparency for supervisors and managers

Instant Walk-In Conversions

Transform walk-ins to employees instantly with smart QR and language processing solutions for on-the-spot candidate conversion.

Compliance & analytics

Ensure a payroll-ready workforce from day one, adhering to all legal requirements, and maintain visibility of your distributed workforce across various sites

Compliant Onboarding with Hunar

Employ Hunar's advanced technology, background verification integrations, and smart workflows for fully compliant employee onboarding processes.

Unified Workforce Dashboard Visibility

Gain comprehensive insight into your workforce—locations, types, and more—via a single, unified dashboard for all parameters.

We now hire and onboard the candidates on the same day using Hunar.AI’s On-The-Spot Onboarding solution enabling on the spot document collection, verification and ID creation”

Regional HR Recruiter, India’s leading QSR chain