Helps You Look Beyond Resumes, Into Potential

Revolutionise volume talent acquisition, focusing on potential through contextual matching and assessment. Advanced algorithms offer a comprehensive understanding of applicants, transforming candidate-job alignment.

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Key benefits of SkillGPT

Reduced attrition

Make more accurate hiring decisions, leading to longer-lasting employment.

Enhanced recruiter productivity

Efficiently process large volumes of applicants, creating a highly relevant candidate pool.

Quicker turn around time (TAT)

Accelerate candidate searches and outreach within your passive candidate pool.

The science
behind SkillGPT

Our dedicated team of PhDs and engineers identified a critical gap in skill taxonomy, particularly in markets like India, significantly impacting volume recruitment. SkillGPT harnesses the power of the world's most sophisticated language models, such as Gemini and Mistral. Coupled with our proprietary neural network application layer, trained on millions of candidate profiles and job descriptions, SkillGPT offers an unrivalled local and contextual job-to-skill mapping for diverse markets.

SkillGPT in action

Leveraging passive talent

Unearth hidden gems by sifting through extensive databases, using SkillGPT to score and match candidates to job roles.

Advanced resume parsing

SkillGPT's advanced data extraction simplifies recruitment by efficiently analyzing candidate profiles.

Personalised AI

Boost candidate engagement and application rates by showcasing the most relevant job opportunities, tailored to their profiles.

Personalised assessments

Create custom skill assessments matched to job needs and candidate profiles for unmatched relevance in your hiring process.

We believe SkillGPT is one of the biggest disruptions which the volume talent acquisition industry needs to address its challenges.

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