Transform volume hiring with smart sourcing & assessment

Streamline hiring with a single platform for multi-channel sourcing and SkillGPT-assisted candidate assessment, ideal for high-volume recruitment.

See It In Action

Digital candidate ecosystem

More than 70% of job seekers are looking for jobs passively. Digitise and activate your own digital candidate ecosystem to enable bulk engagement at a click of a button.

Streamline Candidate Digitisation

Easy Digitisation of your candidate data from various sources using SkillGPT for contextual parsing and ease of search

Hire for Potential

Move beyond text matching with SkillGPT's contextual matching for candidate ranking based on not just skills & qualifications but also on candidate’s potential.

Employee referrals

Digitise your employee referral programs using WhatsApp-enabled referral campaigns for high-volume hiring.

Make it easy to refer

Digitally market jobs to employees and simplify referrals with personalised pages, offering full transparency to incentivise referrers

Qualify referred candidates

Simplified application process on Hunar’s WhatsApp enabled chatbot and auto-qualify referred candidates by skills and engagement intent.

Social recruitment

Enhance and utilise your employer brand on social media to expand your candidate base affordably

Go Social, boost candidate pool

Automate job posts on WhatsApp Communities, Facebook, LinkedIn and other communities to boost online engagement and applicant traffic.

Easy Apply, Quality Talent

Hunar's bot simplifies job discovery, applications and assessments on WhatsApp, delivering qualified, eager candidates to recruiters.

Vendor management

Optimise mass hiring through vendors to ensure full transparency and oversight for all participants

Transform vendors into partners

Centralise everything from vendor onboarding to  job role dissemination to lead management for transparent recruitment on a singular platform

Smart Recruitment, No Duplicates

Hunar's SkillGPT dynamically scores profiles for quality funnels, prevents CV dumping, and intelligently eliminates candidate duplications.

Job boards

Effortlessly connect top job boards to your recruitment workflow and automate high-volume hiring with Hunar.

Simplified job board sourcing

Enhance job board applicants' experience with WhatsApp: seamless from application to joining, boosting recruitment efficiency.

Optimise job board spend

Future-proof your recruitment process by creating a digital ecosystem for efficient, bulk candidate engagement, reducing hiring times.

"25% of my sourcing now happens from my existing digital candidate ecosystem enabled by Hunar’s SkillGPT from near zero earlier"

Volume Recruiter, Leading BFSI Organisation in India

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