Frontline and volume recruitment for eCommerce


Automate sourcing and hiring workflows to establish an organised frontline eCommerce workforce

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The Problems

Hiring in E-Commerce is mostly manual and hence inefficient

Unpredictable hiring needs

Unpredictable demand and high attrition leads to high unpredictability in hiring needs

Large Turn Around Times

Manually navigating the entire source-to-hire process for frontline hiring is time-consuming

Distributed Workforce

Onboarding a distributed workforce is often a manual process, exhausting and prone to error

The Solution

Digitise frontline hiring via automated workflows

Multi channel sourcing for frontline recruitment


Digitise hyperlocal channels including Referrals, WhatsApp groups and walk-ins!

Multi lingual conversation whatsapp bots for frontline and volume hiring in eCommerce

Multi-lingual conversation

Screen your large applicant pool - Engage better, hire faster at lowest cost per hire.

On-the-spot onboarding 

Onboard selected candidates within minutes with a smooth  process

Frontline and volume hiring platform for eCommerce

Operational manpower MOAT

Digitse every candidate interaction and re-market your jobs to your data pool!

Used by India's leading e-commerce companies

"25% of my sourcing now happens from my existing digital candidate ecosystem enabled by Hunar’s SkillGPT from near zero earlier"

Volume Recruiter, Leading BFSI Organisation in India

Hunar fits into your workflow seemlessly

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