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Building an Operating System for India’s Workforce Ecosystem

Building solutions to drive over 50% efficiency in overhead expenditures, delivering long term sustainable balance between employers, workforce agencies and workers.

Effortless Workforce Sourcing

Your in-house recruitment process outsourcing solution. Hire faster and smarter with multi-channel sourcing, in-built verification and assessment capabilities, all in a single platform.


Reduced Recruitment Costs 


Reduced Turn-around Time


Better Skill-match Accuracy


Reduced Overhead Costs 

Shorten Hiring Cycles And Meet Operational Demand

Leverage multi-channel sourcing and fulfil your client requirements quickly and efficiently with skill-matched candidates- all in one platform.

Reduce Complexity for HR Managers

  • Gain visibility into on-ground operations, analyse workforce across locations, assess demand and modify your workforce planning as necessary.

  • Manage multiple workforce agency vendors and track their performance based on attrition, fulfilment, and ROI.

  • Single platform to manage all your sourcing channels- in-house, digital or offline.


Employ Multi-Channel Sourcing To Hire Fast

  • Run referral campaigns with your current and potential workers' database to source quickly.

  • Run low-cost campaigns using smart ad creation across multiple channels - WhatsApp, referral networks, offline campaigns, at-the-gate, walk-ins and social media.​​

  • Leverage two-way communication channel to share job openings with multiple workforce agencies and review candidates on the go, reducing turn-around time.

  • Leverage offline campaign solutions to automate your walk-ins and at-the-gate hiring process and save time on tedious manual tasks.

Hire the Right Workers To Reduce Churn Rate

  • Run our intelligent profile matching algorithm that automatically screens the right candidates for the job.

  • Pre-vet and review shortlisted candidates shared by your workforce agencies to ensure only the right candidates turn up at the job location.

  • Reduce no-shows by checking the job interest of the candidate for each query via WhatsApp/SMS.


Verification and Assessment for Quality Recruitment

  • Leverage our inbuilt ID, bank account and work experience verification to pre-vet workers with a single click.

  • Check interest, evaluate and pre-vet candidates using our in-built skill-based and behavioural assessments.

  • Collect more worker profile data by leveraging our SMS/WhatsApp-powered communication tools, enabling you to improve workforce quality.

Obtain Visibility and Transparency Into Your Workforce

  • Get complete visibility into your workforce and business with interactive dashboards.

  • One central hub to manage your team, clients, workforce and job queries across geographies.

  • Make smart business decisions with real-time analytics.


Additional Features

Boost your hiring efficiency with out-of-the-box features available at your fingertips

Provide offer letters to the selected candidates on the spot

Instantly reconciliation of resumes, payrolls, contracts, and documents in a single click with zero human intervention.

Streamline communications with your workers through the worker app

Connect with your on-ground executives with the supervisor app.

Mitigate the risk of bad hires by blocking unsuitable candidates, thus saving both your time and money.

Use our SMS/WhatsApp engagement tools to attract and retain your best workers.

Hire Faster. Hire Smarter

Drive efficiency with data-driven modern in-house recruitment process outsourcing solution

Reimagining the Future of 
Workforce Ecosystem

A sneak peek into our upcoming solutions. 
Didn't find what you were looking for? Not a problem. Tell us your pain points and we will build tech-driven solutions so your business can truly thrive.

Payroll and Compliance Audits

Contracts and Legal document management

Compliant Worker Onboarding

Automated compliance reports generation

Instant Reconciliations

Working Capital Solutions for your capital needs


Privacy is built into the system. Complete protection of your data from Hackers, Malware and DOS attacks. With strong authentication, only the people you choose can access your data.



Your data is stored by cutting-edge encryption. Your data is secure even in the unfortunate event of a data leak.


You hold the authority over who gets access to your data. No one can get their hands on your worker database without your permission.


Small, Big, Huge, Something more. No matter the size of your database, Hunar will scale seamlessly.

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