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Reimagining the Future of the Industrial Workplace

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450 million!

That’s the number of blue-collar workers in India. Let that number sink in.

But still, this segment has not seen any major tech disruption over the last decade or so when virtually every other industry has felt the ripples of tech innovation. 


Modern blue-collar jobs need specialised skill sets and deep technical know-how. Age-old labour recruitment, training, and management strategies will no longer be effective and thus this segment warrants a massive disruption. 


Enterprises will now have to re-evaluate their strategy and evolve with the changing workforce. The emergence of technologies like AI, Blockchain and VR will enable just that! 


We, at Hunar, are building tech-driven solutions for the next-gen blue-collar ecosystem so that growth-driven companies can truly thrive! 

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Why Hunar?

We believe that the time is ripe for disruption, and well, Hunar is all here for it, spearheading the change.


Changing Workforce

India is adding as many as 25 million new smartphone users every quarter and with 80% of the current blue-collar workers aged between 16 and 38, it is safe to say that the next decade will see more and more tech-savvy personnel enter the workforce. The coming generation of workers needs more than a job that pays, they want upskilling opportunities, a proper career path, devoted engagement, visibility and job stability.


While government initiatives like Skill India have provided the workers with an escape from vicious cycles of poor skills and a chance to climb the socio-economic ladder, many still need real-world experience. 

HUNAR'S TAKE- The ongoing commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies, from AI, Blockchain to Metaverse, empowers us with endless possibilities to come up with ground-up innovation to provide better on-the-job training, upskilling, and improved quality of work.

Need for an Efficient Workplace

Surprisingly, even in the Industry 4.0 era, workplaces are still majorly driven by manual processes with little or no communication with contractors and workers. Add to this the rising cost of attrition, disengaged workforce, cost of recruitment and training due to the structural shortage of skilled workforce, companies have no option but to reassess their labour strategy as these ever-increasing costs are eating into their profit margins. Companies direly need solutions to increase employee retention and productivity and drive down labour costs.


HUNAR'S TAKE-Innovation in AI and blockchain enables us to introduce standardisation and automate processes, resulting in better worker lifecycle and workflow management. With over 1.18 billion mobile connections in India and the rising internet penetration, Hunar can enable seamless communication between companies, contractors and workers, empowering them to build an inclusive, productive and collaborative workforce that fosters trust and loyalty. 


Financial and Social Inclusion

Companies are realising the importance of deep engagement not just in the form of increased communication but also with efforts like salary advances, group family medical insurance etc. But these initiatives are just about scratching the surface. A lot more has to be done to truly bring the labour force into the mainstream. 

HUNAR'S TAKE-The advent of Aadhar and India Stack has presented us with a plethora of tools and ammunition to enable better financial inclusion and provide access to social benefits.

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The People Behind Hunar!

Hunar brings together two individuals who are driven by the urge to find solutions to real-world challenges. Krishna Khandelwal and Shantanu Bhattacharyya are the right mix of business and tech acumen to create a long-term impact on this oft-ignored sector. Moreover, with advances in technology like AI, blockchain, metaverse, and others, the time is right for a major shakedown and disruption of the industrial workplace sector. In that sense, it is the coming together of eager minds and a problem statement that has all the building blocks in place. While the opportunity is huge, so is the challenge. 


Hunar is building a deeply passionate team to innovate and deliver path-breaking solutions. Join us in this mission!

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Careers at Hunar

We're hiring!

With a vision of redefining the future of the industrial workforce, Hunar is bringing together a mission-oriented team to build for India. If you think you have what it takes to work with us, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our available jobs to see if you’re the right fit.

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Get in Touch

At Hunar, we are building tech-driven solutions for the next-gen blue-collar ecosystem. If you are interested in sharing your challenges so that we can build better solutions, we are all ears!

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